Mobility scooters & trikes

Not all disabilities are the same, not all Mobility Scooters are the same!

Disability could strike you at any time, your need for mobility wouldn’t disappear as well. Don’t feel trapped in your home, unable to get about, but unwilling to buy one of the ugly options available today.

You didn’t lose your cool with your mobility, we get that, our scooters will take you anywhere, and let you arrive in style.

Our mobility scooters are very similar to our road bikes and trikes, making them possibly the coolest way of getting to the shops, or out to socialise, there is no stigma with our scooters!

Long range, 30-40 miles is available to you between charges, so you can either make longer journeys, or, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t charged it overnight. Most of our riders only charge theirs twice a week.

We have 0% finance at checkout; making our scooters not only the best to ride, best to be seen on, but affordable too!

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