Home of the fat tyre golf scooter  and 3 wheel golf trike.

“Changing your game” With its fat tyres and electric motor, the Golf Scooter is easy, eco-friendly and fun. Changing the way the golf game is played. Our products were born out of our love for the sport and inspired by the drive to enhance the golfer experience.


  • Faster play, Having more fun. Even if your games going bad.
  • Stay focused on your own game, not getting distracted by a fellow golfer having a bad day.
  • Travel directly to your own ball, allowing more time for pre-shot routine.
  • Minimize the environmental damage of playing a golf course. Golf Scooters and trikes are lighter vehicles that create less wear and tear than a golf cart.


  • Increase profits on electric vehicle rentals with the Golf Scooter and Golf Trike, reducing cost per rental and increasing revenue per golfer.
  • Differentiate your golf facility with the newest technology in single rider golf carts, adding more fun in playing a golf round, which brings back golfers more often.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your golf course by 50% or more with less golfer travel mileage and a major reduction in turf compression. Weighing in at just under 60kg our scooters and trikes are a fraction of a standard golf cart.
  • Get more rounds per unit than a two-rider golf cart, utilizing the replaceable battery option to instantly having a fully charged scooter ready for play.
We believe that adding a fleet of our fat tyre electric golf scooters will upgrade your course experience and add to your bottom line. Check out our products and contact us to learn more about what Golf Scooters and Golf Trikes can do for your course.